James E. West Fellowship Award

The James West Fellowship Award is presented to individuals based on a contribution of $1000 or more to the local Council’s West Fellowship Fund. Only registered Scouters or youth members receive and wear the square knot.

The money may be given by a group of Scouters or individual Scouter to honor a fellow Scouter, as a memorial on the death of a Scouter, or to recognize an achievement. The award can also be given to an individual who makes a contribution on his/her own behalf. Regardless of the source of funding, the award is used by BSA to generate badly needed funds to support critical local Council and national programs which have suffered major losses due to diversion of funding for national-level resolutions of risk-management issues.

Each year the lodge donates $1000 in the name of an outstanding Arrowman and presents the James E. West Fellowship Award at Winter Banquet to that Arrowman.

Past Recipients

2010Ross Carter
2011Cody Stepp
2012Tristan Cummings
2013Ryan Dougherty
2014Brandon Scott
2015Tanner Walles
2016Steve Jett
2017James Emeric
2018Terrance Stacye
2019Greg Doermer
2020Zach Wood
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