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Osage Lodge #42 History

Order of the Arrow in the Ozarks started with the founding of Osage Lodge #42 by Allen C. Foster in 1929. Osage Lodge was the first OA lodge to be founded west of the Mississippi. The first induction was held at Camp Arrowhead with 23 charter members inducted. Lodge #42 officially received its charter from the National Lodge on July 3, 1929. Mr. Foster served as the first Chief of the Fire for Lodge #42 and he also played a part in the development of the OA by serving as 1 of 15 men chosen to be Area Leaders. Mr. Foster oversaw OA Area 12 which served Region 8 of the 12 Regions. The lodge totem was a indian head. In 1973 the lodge was the first in Missouri and one of the first in the nation to receive the prestigious E. Urner Goodman Camping Award bestowed by the National Office.

Allen C. Foster
Osage Lodge Chiefs
1962Ken Browning
1961Ronald Radtlee
1960Tony Stumeyer
1959Bill Lenz
1958Monty Denninson
1957Jack Robinette
1956Jack Logue
1955Fritz Schaeffer
1954Dean Crafton
1953Sandy Sutton
1952John Anderson
1951Michael H. Cain

Nih-Ka-Ga-Hah Lodge #91

Mo-Kan Council seeing the success of the OA program in other councils decided to form their own lodge and July 13, 1936 Mo-Kan council received a charter from the National Lodge with 27 registered members. The lodge totem was a deer skull.

Nih-Ka-Ga-Hah Lodge Chiefs
1962Edward Riggs
1961Norman Fretwell
1960Norman Fretwell
1959Frank Martin
1958Gary Justice
1957Maynard Henson
1956Jack Chapman
1955Jim Moffett
1954Larry Bigg & Garry Bigg
1953Gary Myers
1952Marvin Parker
1951Ronnie Roderique

Wah-Sha-She Lodge #42

In 1994 when Ozarks Council 308 and MO – KAN Area Council 306 merged, they formed the existing Ozark Trails Council 306. The merger of the two councils additionally caused the Order of the Arrow Lodges that were supported by each council to merge into one. Osage Lodge #42 and Nih-Ka-Ga-Hah Lodge #91 gave birth to Wah-Sha-She Lodge 42. Wah-Sha-She can be translated into English as meaning “Water People”. Over the past several years, Wah-Sha-She Lodge has had a strong presence in its Section as well as on the National level. The Lodge has received the prestigious recognition of being an Honor Lodge, which is bestowed by the National OA Office, many times since its beginning and has survived through two section changes. Wah-Sha-She Lodge celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015. In 2015 the Lodge won 1st place in Basketball and placed in the top ten for group dancing.

Section Involvement

The Section C-5B Traveling Trophy is a prestigious honor given to the winning lodge that attends conclave and who win that year’s competition for several events. Some of the categories are: Lodge contingent involvement, training attendance, program attendance, competition involvement, and drive to lead. The traveling trophy has been awarded to our lodge in 2020, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

Section Officers

The following Arrowman have been elected to serve as Section Officers from our lodge.

Section Chief
2018-2019Garret Schmidt
2017-2018Garret Schmidt
2015-2016David Bippes
2012-2013Michael Bray
2009-2010Chris Courtney
Section Vice Chief
2016-2017Garret Schmidt
2012-2013Cody Stepp
2011-2012Michael Bray
2010-2011Chris Courtney
2007-2008Justin Kolker
Section Secretary
2020-2021Andrew Snyder
2018-2019Greg Doermer
2016-2017Matthew Bippes
2015-2016Matthew Bippes

R. D. Dunkin Leadership in Service Award

This award is designed to recognize those within Section C-5B who go far beyond their immediate responsibilities as Arrowmen and by doing so have laid a path of excellence for other Arrowmen to follow. The award is named after R.D. Dunkin, who believed that young people can grow to exceptional strengths and reach their full potential with the right combination of leadership, education, mentorship, and love. R.D. Dunkin served as the Central Region Order of the Arrow Chairman for sixteen years, and is responsible for shaping the region structure and program into what it is today. The following Arrowman from our lodge have received the award.

Award YearRecipient
2020David Bippes
2020Garret Schmidt
2019Austin Powell
2019Forrest Bolles

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